Christmas Vacation


There truly isn't enough wonderful things to say about Emily! She watched our little Yorkie, Oakley while we were out of town last Christmas and we were so incredibly impressed! She made Oakley feel right at home while keeping me updated and sending me texts and pictures of our girl! This Christmas we knew how amazing she was with Oakley so we asked Emily to watch her again for two weeks while we were on vacation. And it was again an outstanding experience!!! I felt so calm and at peace dropping Oakley off knowing she would receive the best care and the most love while we were gone! She continued sending me updates and pictures which was so sweet of her! Oakley became friends with Emily's dogs! Emily just gave Oakley so much love and attention that I cannot rave enough about her! Oakley also felt so comfortable around Emily that you can tell she loved it there too! Thank you so much for everything. I wouldn't let anyone else watch Miss Oakley! You are truly the best!!!

- Jacqui, Derek and Oakley Pilkington 

Anxious kitties


Emily Bowers (Mobile Critter Care in Evergreen area) is absolutely amazing. I have always wished there were a way for my two cats to just stay in their own environment, yet not feel abandoned if I need to travel. The older one is a rescue and has huge separation anxiety. I got home late last night and instead of seeing the usual anxiety and fear (when I have just had someone check on them) - they both met me at the door and had actually gained weight - instead of the "I'm not gonna eat till mom gets home."

Thanks Emily and if you ever need a reference have them contact me.

-Marta and Ozzey and Vlad

Nail trims


Emily's patient and loving demeanour got my three little rescue dogs through the harrowing ordeal of having their toenails clipped within the comfort of their home. This I do not take lightly as these three have been severely abused; someone beat the eye out of one, another had two legs crushed and was four hours away from euthanasia in a dog pound. The third I just rescued. . .he was forced to live outside in freezing temperatures with no cover. Trust is earned with these three, and Emily put in the time, tenderness and love to ensure their comfort came first!

- Margo

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End of life care


I called on Mobile Critter Care when my elderly pug Shorty was in poor health and not doing well.
During this time, Emily provided daily visits while I was at work which was a great comfort to me.
After a few weeks of not getting any better, I realized his quality of life was not what he deserved. When it came time to make the toughest decision of all, Emily assisted by personally talking him to the vet for me. She stayed with Shorty during the life transition, something I could not do. Shorty was a great companion for over 10 years and Emily's support and mobile services during these final stages of his life, to both him and me couldn't have been more perfect!


Daily visits


Emily did such a great job taking care of our 2 dogs while we were out of town over the Christmas weekend! Her care for them was personal and very caring! I especially appreciated how she kept in contact with me and even sent pictures so I knew my pups were doing well! She went above and beyond because it was cold out and she stopped by an extra time, and did all this over the Christmas holiday! Thank you Emily! We will definitely be calling you again!


Horse care


Emily is the most amazing and patient person I have ever seen with animals! She's helped me not only with my dog but all of my horses. Anytime I have the slightest problem I call her and she's there ASAP. I haven't called a vet since I met Emily due to her knowledge and willingness. From injuries, to basic care for small or equine, Emily is your girl!